Frequently Asked Questions

Our event will be international with participants from Europe, so we’ll give all workshops in English.

You can come alone. In all workshops the dance partner will change in a nice frequency, therewith all dancers can enjoy and learn.


Drinks are only allowed to take with you, if you are attending the workshops. But during the social & parties not. Then you will have the opportunity to buy your drinks at the bar (operated by the Venue) for a normal price (sorry, not for the supermarket price ;-))


No, we have a cloakroom and you are obliged to bring your stuff there (the price is 1€ per piece). You can take your shoe bag and a thin cardigan into the Danceroom.

No, you can buy “cash cards” at the info point during the whole festival.
You don´t need any cash at night.


In your full pass you can enjoy all our Kizomba/ Urban Kiz offers and possibilities during the festival!


Yes it is, but our contingent is almost sold out. Please take a look at our homepage or have a look over AirBnB.


No, sorry. We can’t refound you your money. But you can sell your ticket or give it to your friend. Pay attention on the name change. The name change has to be done by the owner of the Pass.

Please come to our Info-Point and we will change the name for you, but this service cost an extra charge of 15€.

The final workshop plan will be ready lately in the middle of March.



The wohle gala is only about Kizomba and Urban Kiz.


It’s quite simple. Send an email to support@sensual-instinct.com with your full name, passport number, the price you paid and which passport you would like to have now. Please send the difference via PayPal to support@sensual-instinct.com.


Not yet, but if, we will inform you immediately.



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