Kizomba & Bachata in Plaidt/ Koblenz

What does Sensual Insinct stand for and who is behind it? The Sensual Instinct Team consists of young, highly motivated men and women who have been dedicated to the passion of dancing for (5) years and who now contribute their experiences to a great project.

Our goal is to give you the maximum dance pleasure with unique advantages and all that without digging deep into your pocket. Come together with your friends and dance partners and start a new era of dancing with us.

Sensual Instinct! Follow your Instinct and be there!


Anyone who brings two paying male leaders will receive 10% discount (+ 10% discount on additional leader tickets).
Anyone who brings five paying male leaders will receive their Full Pass free of charge (+ 10% discount on the additional leader tickets).


Buyers of the main ticket can be male or female. Discounts apply only when male leaders are acquired. The buyer himself is not included.

The details of the additional leaders must be personalized with first name/last name and e-mail address. Discounts expire or will be downgraded if the additional leaders cancel their participation. Cash withdrawals are excluded.  If the participation of a leader is not possible, you can make changes under consideration of the “Name-Change” guidelines, but up to 10 days before the beginning of the festival on 15.05.2020.

Still unclear? Don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or messenger.

With dancing greetings 

Team Kizz Instinct 
Messenger: Sensual Instinct (Official Event)

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